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Jennifer Hanson Biography

The youngest of seven children, Jennifer learned to love 30's and 40's era standards at her father Bill's knee. In order to get just a little attention the midst of all those kids, she began singing them for anyone who would listen around 1972, and then after her short, but throat blistering career in rock ’n’ roll, actually got paid to sing the really good stuff around 1993.  

Jennifer's reputation for great vocal chops and notoriety for countless public appearances singing national anthems at NHL games, and touring the country with her band, began to attract the attention of a new audience among jazz fans.

Her torchy, seductive vocal style is among the finest in the current generation of jazz singers, while her stage presence is that of the classic generation of singers like Rosemary Clooney, Julie London and Vera Lynn. She's definitely not just another voice in the crowd.

Jennifer's repertoire runs the gamut from the jazz standard songbook and torchy heartbreakers, to a large selection of well loved World War II songs. Jennifer is one of the few singers in the Southeast who sings extensively in French and also in Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian. She also knows the anthems of at least 10 countries, just in case. Jennifer can also light the place up with Motown, Blues, Country and Pop tunes.

Her first CD, "Something Cool", won a 1999 Prairie Music Award (Canada) for best jazz recording.

“how the night people pray,” Jennifer's most recent CD, was written by composer, musician and producer Graham Shaw, one of Canada’s great artistic treasures. Their critically acclaimed collaboration brings together beautifully crafted songs, wonderful musicianship and heartfelt singing that brings the stories to life.   
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